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The Menus


truffle popcorn (gf) *

Moliterno al Tartufo, hen egg bottarga     7.

roasted pepper pimento cheese *

Anaheim peppers, red bell peppers, crostini     8.

pan-roasted brussels sprouts *

furikake, bonito, sea salt     10.

* olives (gf) *

Meyer lemon, thyme, rosemary     6.

* deviled eggs (gf) *

pickled mustard seed, cornichon, chive, compressed apple     6.

* mac & cheese *

lardon, caramelized onion, butternut, crispy onion gratin     9.

* salmon gravlax *

beet pudding, brussels sprout salad, pickled lemon, frisee, crostini     12.


bistro tenderloin *

bleu cheese-mushroom bread pudding, creamed chard, baby carrots, demi-glace     31.

roasted duck breast (gf) *

apple butter, roasted onion, rosti potatoes, fennel-apple slaw, cider gastrique     27.

braised lamb *

house-made pumpkin pappardelle, honey-roasted acorn squash, thyme, pine nuts, chevre     28.

* seared salmon *

barley, beets, chard, roasted mushrooms, lardons, pickled onion-frisee salad     30.

farro risotto *

butternut, roasted onion, mushrooms, baby carrots, sherry vinegar, fines herbes     22.

small plates

avo toast *

lobster, chives, scallion, jalapeno, seaweed butter     16.

* truffled celery root soup (gf) *

celeriac, truffle, celery leaf pesto     9.

dos tacos *

check with your server for the daily selection     2 for 10.

* hickory-smoked North Carolina pork croquettes *

pickled mustard seed slaw, buttered hot sauce     12.

bee keeper burrata *

local honeycomb, honey-roasted acorn squash, burnt thyme marshmallow, crostini    21.

‘the latest’ burrata *

chef’s choice of accoutrements     MP.

crudo of the day *

chef’s choice, fresh & local     MP.

fromage/charcuterie *

choose 3 cheeses, 3 meats, or a combination of both, with accoutrements & crostini     18.

grilled baby gem (gfo) *

black garlic, boquerones, pickled Meyer lemon, parmesan, croutons     13.

* roasted bone marrow *

pickled bunashimeji mushrooms, gremolata, frisee, crostini     16.

salade lyonnaise (gfo) *

duck confit, frisee, poached egg, pickled onions, duck jus, sherry, croutons     18.

By the Glass


BRUT ROSE Bailly Lapierre g13
Cremant D’ Alsace
Alsace, France NV b50
Creamy red apple,round and elegant finish
BRUT Jean Philippe g10
Languedoc, FR, 15
Hints of pears, and honeysuckle b38

White Wines

ROSÉ Locations g 10
Southern France, NV
Fresh strawberries on the nose, with raspbery b36
and vanilla on the palate
CHARDONNAY Amor Fati,  Murmur Vineyard g15
Santa Maria, CA  ’14
Lemon, apple, melon, vanilla cream b59
CHARDONNAY Rabble, Murmur Vineyard g12
Santa Maria, CA ’12
Stone fruit, tropical notes, minerality b42
PINOT DiBruno g10
GRIGIO Santa Barbara County, CA  ’16
Lemon grass, lime peel, and elderflower with b38
notes of white currant
GRUNER Jules Taylor g11
 VELTLINER Marlborough, New Zealand  ‘13
Round and smooth, white peaches, and lychee b38
CHENIN BLANC Zanoli ‘Limited Production’ g14
Santa Ynez Valley, CA   ‘16
White peach and honey, with a round b49
polished finish

Red Wines

GRENACHE Locations g13
 BLEND Ribera del Duero, Spain  ’15
Mulberry, spiced apple, black tea b40
PINOT NOIR Jules Taylor g14
Marlborough, New Zealand  ’16
Warm spices, black cherry and licorice b45
ZINFANDEL Dry Creek Vineyards g13
Sonoma County, CA ’15
Rich, opulent, dark chocalate, with hints of licorice b48
BORDEAUX Marietta ‘Arme’ g15
BLEND North Coast, CA  ’15
Ripe black fruit and cherry flavors are focused b56
and accented by herbal, mineral, and spicy notes
CABERNET Rangeland g14
SAUVIGNON Paso Robles, CA ’13
Coffee, chocolate,black cherries, and anise flavors b48
CAB BLEND Tooth & Nail ‘The Possessor’ g15
Paso Robles, CA ’15
Purple flowers, blackberry preserves, b52
dark jammy fruit

Beers & Ciders

Beers & Ciders

PILSNER PIVO, Firestone Walker Brewing g7
Paso Robles, CA, 5.3% alc.
IMPERIAL IPA Adversus, Firestone Walker Brewing g9
Paso Robles, CA, 9% alc.
BELGIAN WIT Head Over Peels, Central Coast B. g7
SLO, CA, 5.3% alc.
IPA Elysian ‘Space Dust’ g8
Seattle, WA  7.5% alc.
DOUBLE IPA Lizards Mouth, Figueroa Mtn. g9
Santa Barbara, CA, 9.0% alc.
PORTER Heretic g8
Oregon, 6.2% alc.
SCOTCH ALE Backwoods Bastard, Founders B. g10
Grand Rapids, MI, 11.2% alc.
PLUM CIDER Plum Jerkum, Mission Trails g8
Bradley, CA, 6.5% alc.
LAGER Tiger Beer, Asia Pacific Brewers b7
Singapore, 5.0% alc. 11.2 oz
WHITE ALE Icelandic White, Einstok b8
Akureyri, Iceland, 5.2% alc. 12oz
IPA Hop Nosh, Unita Brewing Co. b8
Salt Lake City, UT, 7.3% alc.
STOUT Black, Allagash b10
Portland, ME, 7.5% alc.
NON- ALC. Drive, Bitburger b8
Germany, 0.0% alc. 12oz
HARD CIDER Mighty Hops, Golden State Cider b6
Sebastopol, CA, 6.9% alc. 16oz
APPLE CIDER Tin City Cider b23
Paso Robles, CA, 7.0% alc., 750ml

By the Bottle


CHAMPAGNE Aubert et Fils, Brut, Champagne, France NV 80
CHAMPAGNE Canard-Duchêne, Brut, Champagne, France  NV 86
CHAMPAGNE Drappier Cart D’Or, Brut, Champagne, France NV 78
CHAMPAGNE Marquis de Bel Aires, Brut, Champagne, France NV 88
CHAMPAGNE Taittinger, Brut Reserve, Champagne, France NV 94
BRUT ROSÉ Dopff & Irion, Crémant d’ Alsace, France NV 52
SPARKLING D. Michel Briday, Crémant de Bourgogne, FR NV 50
SPARKLING D. Vincent Carême, ‘Cuvée T’, Vouvray, Loire, FR ‘12 40
SPARKLING Iron Horse,‘Russian Cuvée’, Russian River Vly, CA ’11 65
SPARKLING Jean Philippe, Languedoc France ’15 38
SPARKLING Laetitia,‘Brut de Noir’ , Arroyo Grande Vly, CA ’13 48
SPARKLING Marie-Pierre, Crémant de Bourgogne, FR, NV 42
SPARKLING Varichon & Clerc, Blanc de Blanc, France NV 46
CAVA Masia Parera, Spain NV 38
CAVA-ROSE’ Martin Soler, Spain NV 42
LAMBRUSCO Medici Ermete, Lambrusco DOC Secco, IT NV 38
BRACHETTO Villa M Rosso, Off Dry,   Italy, ‘NV 30

White Wines

ALBARIÑO Nortico, Minho, Portugal ‘15 46
ALBARIÑO Stasis, Murmur Vyd, Santa Maria Valley, CA ’14 50
ALBARIÑO Tooth & Nail ‘El Clavileño’, Edna Valley CA ’14 63
CHARD BLEND Tooth & Nail ‘Fragrant Snare’, AG, CA ’14 40
CHARDONNAY Amor Fati, Murmur Vyd, Santa Maria Valley, CA ‘14 65
CHARDONNAY Balletto, Russian River Valley, CA ‘14 52
CHARDONNAY Destinata, Murmur Vyd, Santa Maria Valley, CA ‘12 45
CHARDONNAY Joseph Drouhin, ‘Saint-Véran’, Chablis, FR ‘14 50
CHARDONNAY Rabble, Central Coast, CA ’14 42
CHARDONNAY Rabble, Central Coast, CA ’15 42
CHARDONNAY Sinor ~ LaVallee, Bassi Vineyard, SLO, CA ‘14 50
CHARDONNAY Stasis, Murmur Vyd, Santa Maria, CA ’13 55
CHARDONNAY Talley Vineyards, ‘Estate’, Arroyo Grande, CA ‘14 52
CHENIN BLANC Marie de Beauregard, Vouvray, France ‘15 42
GARGANEGA Buglioni, ‘Il Disperato’, Veneto IGT, Italy ‘15 40
GEWÜRZT. Claiborne & Churchill, Dry, Central Coast, CA ’14 42
GREN. BLANC Curran, Santa Ynez Valley, CA ‘16 48
GREN. BLANC Saint K Cellars, Paso Robles, CA ‘14 40
GRENACHE GRIS D. de la Pertuisane, ‘The Guardian’, FR ‘13 52
GRÜNER Huber, Traisental, Austria ‘ 15 42
GRÜNER Wieninger, Vienna Hills, Austria ‘ 14 40
FALANGHINA Mastroberardino, Campania, Italy ‘14 42
PINOT GRIGIO Di Bruno, Santa Barbara County, CA ‘16 38
PINOT GRIS- HP Amor Fati, Murmur Vyd, Santa Maria Valley, CA ‘14 65
PINOT GRIS Amor Fati, Murmur Vyd, Santa Maria Valley, CA ‘13 50
PINOT GRIS Destinata, Santa Maria Valley, CA ’13 46
PINOT GRIS Rabble, Murmur Vyd, Santa Maria, CA ’15 42
PINOT N. BLANC El Lugar, Greengate Vyd, Edna Valley, CA ‘15 48
RIESLING Anselmann, Kabinett Off-Dry, Pfalz, Germany ‘14 38
RIESLING Claiborne & Churchill, Dry, Central Coast, CA ’14 42
RIESLING Fred Loimer, ‘Lenz’, Kamptal, Austria ‘14 40
ROSÉ Rabble, Paso Robles, CA   ’16 31
ROSÉ D. Houchart, Provence, FR,   ’16 35
ROSÉ Chêne, Edna Valley, CA ‘15 40
ROSÉ D. Alphonse Mellot, La Moussiere, Sancerre, FR ’15 58
ROSÉ E. Guigal, Côtes de Rhone, FR ’15 42
ROSÉ Liquid Farm, Happy Canyon, Santa Barbara, CA ’16 45
ROSÉ Zorzal, Mendoza, Argentina ’15 38
SAUV BLANC Astrolabe, Marlborough, New Zealand ’15 42
SAUV BLANC Fiddlehead Cellards, Happy Canyon, Santa Ynez ‘13 52
SAUV BLANC Le Roi Des Pierres, Sancerre, France ’15 54
SAUV BLANC Peter Yealands, Marlborough, New Zealand ’16 38
SAUV BLANC Saint Louis, Sancerre, France ‘14 42
SEMILLON Biddle Ranch Vineyard, Santa Ynez Valley, CA ’13 45
SILVANER Castell, ‘Castell-Castell’, Franken, Germany ‘14 45
SOAVE Tenuta di Corte Giacobbe, Soave, Italy ’15 38
TORRONTÉS Filus, Salta, Argentina ’15 38
TREBBIANO Farnese ‘Fantini’, Abruzzi, Italy ‘14 32
VERMENTINO Cantian Santadi, ‘Villa Solais, Sardinia, Italy ’15 35
VERMENTINO Tablas Creek Vineyard, Paso Robles, CA ’15 46
VIOGNIER Aaron Wines, ‘Aequorea’, SLO, CA ’14 58
VIOGNIER E. Guigal, Condrieu, Rhone, France ’14 120
VIOGNIER Preston Parker, Dreamer, Santa Rita Hills, CA ’14 48
VIOGNIER Stasis, Tolliver Ranch, Paso Robles, CA ’14 52

Red Wines

BARBERA Riva Leone, Piemonte DOC, Piedmont, Italy ’15 42
BARBERA Luciano Sandrone, Piedmont, Italy ’13 50
BLAU-FRÄNK Tinhof, Bio Noir, Burgenland, Austria ‘12 42
BORDEAUX-Blend L’Aventure, Estate Cuvée, Paso Robles, CA ’14 165
BORDEAUX Les Cadrans, Bordeaux, FR   ’13 70
BORDEAUX Château La Freynelle, Bordeaux, France ‘15 48
CAB BLEND Tooth & Nail ‘El Valiente’, Paso Robles, CA ’13 80
CABERNET SAUV Tooth & Nail ‘The Possessor’, Paso Robles, CA ’14 52
CABERNET SAUV Charles Smith,‘Chateau Smith’, Columbia Vly, WA ‘14 55
CABERNET SAUV Educated Guess, Napa Valley, CA ’15 48
CABERNET SAUV Laetitia, ‘Nadia’, Santa Barbara Highlands, AG, CA ‘13 50
CABERNET SAUV Nickel and Nickel, Quarry Vineyard, Napa, CA ’12 195
CABERNET SAUV Rabble, Paso Robles, CA   ’15 42
CABERNET SAUV Dry Creek Vyd, Dry Creek , CA ‘13 55
DOLCETTO Poderi Luigi Einaudi, Piedmont DOCG, IT ‘14 42
GRENACHE Alto Moncayo ‘Moncayo’, Campo de Borja, Spain ’12 89
GRENACHE Alto Moncayo ‘Moncayo’, Campo de Borja, Spain ’13 89
GRENACHE Alto Moncayo ‘Moncayo’, Campo de Borja, Spain ’14 89
GRENACHE Amor Fati, Santa Maria Valley, CA ’13 72
GRENACHE Breca ‘Old Vine’, Calatayud, Spain ’13 49
GREN-BLEND Blue Gray, Priorat, Spain, ’14 45
GREN-BLEND Borsao ‘Berola’, Jumilla, Spain ’13 42
GSM Destinata, Santa Maria Valley, CA ’14 52
GSM Tooth & Nail ‘El Sabio Freston’, Paso Robles, CA ’11 80
GSM Tooth & Nail ‘El Sabio Freston’, Paso Robles, CA ’13 80
MALBEC Amor Fati, Paso Robles, CA ’13 75
MALBEC Colomé, Salta, Argentina, ’14 50
MALBEC Finca El Origen, Reserva, Uco Valley, Argentina ‘13 46
MALBEC Tooth & Nail ‘The Fiend’, Paso Robles, CA ’14 52
MERLOT Rabble, Moss Vyd, Paso Robles, CA ‘15 42
MOURVÈDRE Tablas Creek Vineyard, Paso Robles, CA ’14 84
PETITE SIRAH Tooth & Nail ‘The Stand’, Paso Robles, CA ’14 52
PETIT VERDOT Trinchero ‘Central Park West’, Napa, CA ’12 88
PINOT NOIR Amor Fati, Santa Maria Valley, CA ’14 75
PINOT NOIR Destinata, Murmur Vyd, Santa Maria Valley, CA ‘14 52
PINOT NOIR Kosta Browne, Gap’s Crown, Sonoma Coast, CA ’14 175
PINOT NOIR Stasis, Murmur Vyd, Santa Maria Valley, CA ’14 78
SANGIOVESE Bibi Graetz ‘Testamatta’, Tuscany, Italy ’10 105
SANGIOVESE Volpaia, Chianti Classico, Tuscany, Italy ‘14 46
SANGIOVESE La Quercia, Monte. D’abruz, Italy, ’14 45
SHIRAZ John Duval, ‘Entity’, Barossa Valley, Australia ’13 62
SYRAH Amor Fati, Murmur Vyd, Santa Maria CA ’13 74
SYRAH Amor Fati, Murmur Vyd, Santa Maria CA ’14 74
SYRAH Sinor ~ LaVallee, Bassi Vyd, San Luis Obispo, CA ‘14 55
SYRAH/MOURV Turtle Rock, ‘Maturin’, James Berry Vyd, PR, CA ’14 92
TEMPRANILLO Glorioso, Crianza, Rioja, Spain ’13 42
TEMPRANILLO Glorioso, Gran Reserva, Rioja, Spain ’05 68
TEMPRANILLO Rabble, Paso Robles, CA   ’15 48
ZINFANDEL Dry Creek Vyd., Heritage Vines, Dry Creek ’15 48
ZINFANDEL Hartford, Russian River Valley, CA ’15 70
ZINFANDEL Linne Calodo, ‘Outsider’, Paso Robles CA ‘ 14 128
ZINFANDEL Rabble, Paso Robles, CA ’14 45

Alcohol Free

Alcohol Free

STILL – Acqua Panna   1L 8
SPARKLING – San Pellegrino   1L 8
San Pellegrino – Lemon   330 mL 3
San Pellegrino – Orange   330 mL 3
Coca-Cola   355 mL 4
Diet Coke   237 mL 3
Sprite   355 mL 4
Iced Black Tea 3
Green Tea 3
Earl Grey 3
Peppermint 3
Chamomile 3
French Press – ask for our daily selection 5


flourless chocolate torte
Vermouth-Soaked Raisin / Sesame Brittle / Cardamom Cream


seasonal bread pudding
chef’s choice accoutrements



spiced nectarines *
fall spices, shortbread, thyme whipped cream


bee keeper burrata
local honeycomb, honey-roasted squash, burnt thyme marshmallow, candied pepitas



 PORT  Dow’s 10 year, Portugal

Concentrated licorice, bitter coffee, fig, and raisin



Talley Vineyards, ‘Bishop’s Peak’, Edna Vly, CA ‘12

Ripe peaches, apricot, lychee



VERMOUTH APERITIF Priorat Natur, Priorato, Spain

Fruity, nutty, bitter, sweet, herbal and botanical

SWEET VERMOUTH APERITIF Quady Winery, ‘Vya’, Madera, CA

Cinnamon, nutmeg, spice, orange

FRENCH PRESS Rotational selection of Kreuzberg coffee 5
Green Tea


Earl Grey


A mixture of sencha and matcha (organic)

Soothing caffeine-free herbal tea

Black tea with a hint of bergamot

Moroccan mint, caffeine-free herbal tea





Happy Hour / 5-6:30 Daily / Food


fromage & charcuterie

choice of 2:  2 cheeses, 2 meats, or 1 of each

chef’s choice accoutrements & crostini 



bee keeper burrata

local honeycomb, honey-roasted acorn squash,

burnt thyme marshmallow, candied pepitas



deviled eggs

pickled mustard seed, cornichon, chive, compressed apple



house marinated olives

Meyer lemon, thyme, rosemary



pimento cheese

Anaheim peppers, red bell peppers, crostini



truffle popcorn

Moliterno al Tartufo, hen egg bottarga


Happy Hour / 5-6:30 Daily / Wine


October 2017





Bernier Chardonnay, Loire Valley, France




Bluegray, Priorat, Spain







Foremost’s New Executive Chef, Andrew Cross, has been cooking since he was a young boy.  His passion for food came from his grandmothers who taught him traditional Scandinavian and Southern dishes as well as a love for the kitchen.  Growing up on an organic, sustainable farm in Washington, Andrew learned to respect not only local, seasonal ingredients, but also nose-to-tail cooking, butchering, and a love for foraging, clamming, crabbing and fishing.  Having lived in various places across the country and having gained different perspectives in cooking from some of the best chefs in the world, Andrew and his wife’s love for the coastal life was calling again to bring fresh seafood and local meats to the table.  Chef Andrew’s resume includes experience in Seattle’s James Beard nominated Canlis Restaurant, James Beard award winning Canon Whiskey and Bitters Emporium, Tavern Law, Pierside Kitchen, just to name a few.


Chef Drew Vaughan comes to Foremost by way of the East Coast.  Drew grew up in North Carolina and was classically trained in NYC graduating top in his class.  Growing up in a small rural community with a rich history of multi-generational farmers and fishermen, eating local wasn’t a new food trend, it was a way of life.  Drew’s passion for utilizing local ingredients connected to the community and to the people who grow and understand where the food is coming from fits right in at Foremost Wine Co., and as he puts it, “It  is a nod and honor to my heritage.”  Chef Drew’s professional experience east to west brings him from Macao Trading Company in NYC, Brine and Bottle in North Carolina, Wolfgang Puck Catering in Los Angeles.

Our Mission

FOREMOST restaurant and lounge strives to ignite everyone’s inner passion for food and wine. We put forth an honest menu with thoughtfully sourced local ingredients, an eclectic atmosphere, and an award-winning wine list. We promise you will have an experience you won’t soon forget.

Wine Bar and Lounge

Our lounge offers a full wine list as well as the full menu, and is the perfect place to relax and socialize with a glass of wine in hand.


One of the many things that wine improves is food- at the Foremost Wine Company restaurant we prepare farm fresh, locally sourced dinner and brunch with an extensive wine list.

Burrata Bar

Enjoy charcuterie and fresh cheeses at our unique burrata bar.


SLO’s Foremost Wine Co. embraces farm-to-table philosophySan Luis Obispo Tribune

Foremost Wine Co. Named Among Top 100 Wine Restaurants in U.S.Wine Business

This is the hottest new destination for food and wine on the Central Coast.Central Coast Critic

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Located at

570 Higuera Street #105
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6-9 PM
Friday and Saturday 6-10 PM

Happy Hour

5-6:30pm Tuesday-Saturday in the lounge and wine bar

Closed Sundays & Mondays

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Private Events

Foremost offers four unique event spaces, promising a great fit for your next gathering! View space details and photos below, just click to expand.

Front Lounge

Our Front Lounge is the perfect eclectic setting for your next cocktail party or intimate dinner! Let our staff cater to your needs with exceptional food and wine service.

Private Dining Room

Our Private Dining Room offers unparalleled exclusivity, and is equipped with a flat-screen TV with HDMI. It’s ideal for corporate guests looking for an exceptional dining experience.

Main Dining Room

Reserve the Main Dining Room for an unforgettable private experience. Perfect for any celebration, with exciting food and beverage options and dedicated service staff.

Full Restaurant Buyout

Weddings, corporate functions and beyond! Reserve all of Foremost for the ultimate private celebration with one-on-one assistance from our Events Coordinator.


Event Coordinator


Let Foremost Wine Co. cater your next celebration! Our seasonal menu options allow guests to customize their experience to best fit their vision for any event. We have an experienced staff that provides a full service experience, including set-up and clean-up. Foremost Wine Co. catering also offers additional rental services. Please call or email for more details!


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